Since my submissions to Papers are getting rejected for my campaigning. I will do it here. My one and only Campaign promise. I would like to draft a bill to cut mpps pay by 5%. In the Rogers debate I mentioned that if you cut every sunshine lister by 5% you would balance the budget based on 2014 sunshine list. Now like you I do not trust the other parties Blue Orange Red or Green. They would vote this down. If they vote this down. If I was elected for the London-Fanshawe(053) district I will take $5000 from my salary and give it back to the people of London-Fanshawe it will be like a lottery of anyone that votes in the London-Fanshawe District. You can even vote for another party. As long as you are on the strike off list in the 2018 election for the London-Fanshawe district. I am pretty sure there is nothing against this that I could find in any legislation. So as long as it is legal I will give the money back to the district every year I am in office. I was thinking $500 increments back to the people of the district that vote. Again with the website I am developing we could vote on the increments together.