Clean Water and Algae Blooms In Our Area

Part 3 – Lake Erie Cleaning the Bloom and Creating BIOFUELS

Lake Erie - It is the southernmost, shallowest, and smallest by volume of the Great Lakes and also has the shortest average water residence time. At its deepest point Lake Erie is 210 feet (64 metres) deep. The lake is part of the bioregion called Laurentia.

According to NOAA: "This year’s bloom is expected to measure 7.5 on the severity index, but could range between 6 and 9. An index above 5 indicates blooms having greater impact. The severity index is based on bloom's biomass – the amount of algae – over a sustained period. The largest blooms occurred in 2011, with a severity index of 10, and 2015, at 10.5. Last year’s bloom had a severity index of 3.6, while 2017's was 8.0."

Tuesday, August 6th 2019

The great news is that we had so much rain Fall this year that farmers could not even get in their fields to spread fertilizer on fields so we now know Agriculture is not the main problem. RAW Sewage would be the main culprit combined that this is a SHALLOW LAKE. Shallow lakes when stormy unsettle their own lakebed nutrients causing the bloom.

The conditions of this shallow lake and the environment have been well documented in other Countries about shallow lakes.
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The Proposed Solution

We can actually harvest the Algal or Algae Blooms and convert it into BIO FUEL. Algae fuel, algal biofuel, or algal oil is an alternative to liquid fossil fuels that uses algae as its source of energy-rich oils. Also, algae fuels are an alternative to commonly known biofuel sources, such as corn and sugarcane.

We do not have to do anything but set up floating collectors and set up some beach front collectors to clean and extract the algae.

BioFuels From Microalgae Long video

Biofuels from Algae Project – Brunswick College Ultrasound to convert to BioFuel. Short Video

We Can Power The World With Algae! Short video

Bio Fuels have been in development since 1977 by the United States. We have the technology to do this now. Clean our lake and power our current vehicles. This is a lake that has a natural occurring Algae Bloom that we can harness it to save the environment. And you do not have to TAX yourself. We just need the current government to cut some of the current subsidies it already hands out and re apply it to this Green Energy. NO COST TO YOU!

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