Clean Water and Algae Blooms In Our Area

Part 4 BIOfuels for Locomotives, Transports, Buses and Cars


I would start with converting locomotives to alternate fuels based on the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science University of Ontario Institute of Technology April 2014. PAGE 109 is where they select the top 3 fuels to run in locomotives for a cleaner environment of the top ten fuels they tested. This article is listed in my source material tab. Currently, VIA trains on our tracks Windsor to Toronto only have 4 cars on them. I would want to reduce the cost of the train for a family of four so it would cost less to take the train then to drive their car. I hope that by reducing the price we increase riders and more train cars to the train to maximize the engine usage. By getting more people on a clean train, we would have less vehicular traffic on the road producing co2.


Same think for city buses and greyhound buses. These diesel engines can also be converted to alternate fuels that have little to no Co2. Again reduce the costs for people that make under 20,000 or for a family of four. I hope that again this would increase ridership. Also, I have a GO TRANSIT plan in London that can coincide with this clean energy and reduce cars on the road in the city.

Locomotives and Buses

The reason I would start with Locomotives and Buses is that it would be easier to get them fuel in bulk for their needs.

Transports and Cars.

This would be tougher because you need to get fuel stations all over for them to refuel with a national grid of stations.


Transports would be the next vehicles we would want to convert.


Cars would be the last to convert. However, if people were riding more public transportation and driving less cars we would have already greatly reduced Co2 from cars. Now since we have 20 + years of data from the drive clean program. I would recommend maybe rebates for the top five polluting cars for converting the tanks and computer upgrades to run on alternate fuels. We already have the technology in Canada. A Canadian has been developing since 1981 from Toronto. He has videos from 1981, 2006, 2010 and more to come for other vehicles. I also, would like the EV market for cars to reach at least 10% of the market. Mostly small city cars.

Same Link but will take you to a new page right now. Car and a truck running on Alternate Fuels. Alternate Fuels in Cars and Trucks This link is not working at this time.