How the Software would work

Step 1
I would present all the bills that is in the legislator and what I will be doing for London Fanshawe. There will be an oppose button only. If 10,000 people oppose what I thought was best then it will be pushed into the quarterly voting system. Here is a sample of issues before Queens Park bills/parliament-41/session-3

Step 2
Only Registered London Fanshawe Riding voters would be allowed to vote 2018. So everyone living here in 2018. 60% Majority will win what the district votes. If the London Fanshawe is split on an item 59% to 40% will activate a pros and cons form.
Step 3
The people in the district will get to say the pros and cons of the bill. For the people that oppose they could recommend amendments so we could pass the legislation. I will try and get some of your admendments into the bill. Then I will make a new choice for the London Fanshawe District after taking in your valued input.