Two events this weekend in Sourthern Ontario!
Chris Sky Oct 23 2021 Windsor

Vegan PotLuck Oct 23 2021 London

Valleyview, North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Ivermectin
Successful Trial but the info everywhere has been taken down.
June 2021
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Chris Sky - Coming to London Ontario - Oct 16th 2021

This is to raise money for the POLICE to protect the Charter of Rights
All money from this event will go to the POLICE to protect the CHARTER OF RIGHTS in COURT.
Charter of Rights

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Toronto Centre Federal BY Election 2020

Here are all the Candidates from Wikipedia all registered with Elections Canada to be in this article.
WIKI List of all the Candidates

The CBC article would not provide Equitable coverage as always!
Free time – Time given free of charge by the licensee to the party or candidate, and largely under the editorial control of the party or candidate.
If one party or candidate receives free time, all rival parties and candidates must be offered equitable time.

Kieth Komar Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party running for the Libertarian Party of Canada does not even get a mentioned let alone a nice leader spread like the green party.
Kevin Clarke an advocate for the homeless, no mention!
Dwayne Cappelletti of the Free Party a newer Party, no mention!
Above Znoneofthe an Independent because the None of the Above Party of Canada is not Registered yet, no mention!
Baljit Bawa of the Peoples Party of Canada a FULL Party in the 2019 Election. He got his name printed but for how long?

Year after year the CBC breaks election laws and their CTRC contract.
This is a snippet the only time they mention other Parties!
Click on the image for the full article to see how biased they are!
CBC Toronto

This is what a news source should look like under Canadian Laws!
They did not provide two people time but they still mentioned them and if they have another publication before the end of the 2 weeks of the election they should provide those candidates info at that time.
THEEYEOPENER - Student Article on Student Issues
Source Links

Elgin-Middlesex-London Federal Election 2019

Peter Redecop of the Christian Hertiage Party
Richard Styve of the Libertarian Party of Canada

WIKI List of all the Candidates

The Green Candidate declined the invitation.
And a FOURTH Party the Christian Hertiage Party would be blocked from the DEBATE along with another Libertarian.
This was the Fourth and Final Debate by the CBC in the Region again claiming "ALL CANDIDATES".
But Sadly they did the same thing but to more Candidates in the 2019 Federal Election.
All in violation of their CRTC Contract and Elections Laws which you can read in the about section of this website!

This is how the CBC miss leads Voters. In the London CBC ad they say it is an "ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE". But clearly you can see both Candidates are not in the debate.
CBC London Ontario
Source Link

London West Federal Election 2019

Jacques Boudreau of the Libertarian Party of Canada
Professionally, Jacque is an actuary and he has worked in the life insurance industry for 35 years including 10 as an Appointed Actuary.

This is how the CBC miss leads voters. In the London CBC ad they say it is an "ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE" at the bottom in the article and the broadcast. But clearly you can see Jacque is not in the debate.
CBC London Ontario
Source Link

London Fanshawe Federal Election 2019

Stephen R Campbell an Independent
Professionally, Stephen currently works for the Thames Valley District School Board as a Technical Support Analyst. He graduated from Fanshawe College with a Business Diploma and an Information Systems Diploma. He also has his CANSail Level 1 and 2 from the Fanshawe Yacht Club and Sailing School.

This is how the CBC miss leads Voters. In the London CBC ad they say it is an "ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE" at the bottom in the article and the broadcast. But clearly you can see Stephen R Campbell is not in the debate.
"ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE" is not an Election Law it is borderline old fashion FRAUD!

Stephen was nominated on time for this debate and Registered with Elections Canada and he offers opposing views that are not covered by anyone from the other five Parties in the debate.
They all support incredibly Expensive Electric Buses and Stephen would like Cheaper Blue or Green Ammonia Buses that are Co2 friendly for the environment.
This is just one of many opposing views that this candidate offers that is on his website since 2018 and posted on his YOUTUBE channel in this 2019 Election.

Equitable coverage

When the equitable time requirement is triggered
The equitable time requirement is triggered at the later of (a) the date a candidate is nominated or (b) the date on which an election is called.

Policy rationale

As the Commission noted in Political Broadcasting – Complaints re: free time and editorial time allocations, Circular No. 334, 4 June 1987:
It is the broadcaster’s duty to ensure that the public has adequate knowledge of the issues surrounding an election and the position of the parties and candidates. The broadcaster does not enjoy the position of a benevolent censor who is able to give the public only what it “should” know. Nor is it the broadcaster’s role to decide in advance which candidates are “worthy” of broadcast time.
From this right on the part of the public to have adequate knowledge to fulfil its obligations as an informed electorate, flows the obligation on the part of the broadcaster to provide equitable—fair and just—treatment of issues, candidates and parties. It should be noted that “equitable” does not necessarily mean “equal,” but, generally, all candidates and parties are entitled to some coverage that will give them the opportunity to expose their ideas to the public.
CBC London Ontario
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Clara Sorrenti of the Communist Party of Canada in London North Centre Federal Election 2019

Clara Sorrenti own words
This is how the CBC miss leads Voters. In the London CBC ad they say it is an "ALL CANDIDATES DEBATE". But clearly you can see Clara is not in the debate.
CBC London Ontario
Source Link

Rob Roddick of the Trillium Party 2018 Election
Drops out of election because in his words(But on Friday (June 1), he said he's not running anymore because he wasn't invited to take part in more than one or two of the 15 or so debates in the riding.)
Article The Peterborough Examiner Friday, June 1, 2018
Source Link

Nov 21 2020
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Nov 21 2020
All Ontario Links are from Ontario Elections!
If your Party updates your information then this site will update.
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