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Well ICU visits are up during this election.
And you voted back in the person that caused you the HARM. WOW INTERESTING

For Months we at (THE 22Movement Canada) have tracked Vaccine SERIOUS HARM and we here thought that the YOUTH were being HARMED.
Today OCT 18 2021 it is now CONFIRMED in this ONTARIO REPORT!
Rebel News has broke the story and today we bring it to you too.
As you go down in Age The Vaccine SERIOUS HARM is more noticeable and you can now see that the VACCINE SERIOUS HARM occurs as you go down in age. There is nothing even to report on, the statistics of SERIOUS HARM are so bad. We do not even have to say anything they speak for themselves.
Ontario Health Report Oct 10 2021

As Always the Supporting Document as a LINK!
And we downloaded our copy and have it on file if they take away the link!
And as always HEALTH Canada type units hide the SERIOUS HARM on the second Last PAGE!

Canada Health Report Oct 10 2021


SERIOUS HARM September Comparision 2021 in Canada

Oct 08 2021
Another 212 Poor Souls SERIOUSLY HARMED this week in Canada.
Most likely the demographic being forced.
They will not show that.

OCT 1st Report delayed by HEALTH CANADA to Oct 4th
175 Seriously Harmed this week.
They have not pulled Moderna. but 18 to 24 Not recommend by Health Canada

4,288 One Year Total

Only a 116 People Seriously Harmed this week by vaccines


199 People Harmed by Vaccines in one week

Under 59 ICU 2020 and 2021

OCT 08 2021 Report still not out from Health Canada.

Alberta still with an OUTBREAK 40-49 with the biggest jump
Under 59 only 148 in ICU
6480 Two year total
174 Increase this week with an Outbreak in Alberta.
Could Sanotize have prevented these people from ending up in the ICU?

Under 59 6306 two year total
Under 59 167 Increase in ICU this week.
The 4th wave is starting or the election?

Under 59 6139 Two year total
Under 59 Yearly average 3069.5

Under 59 Deceased 2020 and 2021

OCT 08 2021 Report still not out from Health Canada.

So far the Alberta outbreak is controlling the deaths so far.
If only we had Sanotize Approved for use yet.
PM must be surfing this week still

A tragic death this week the first person under 12.
An 11 year old with medical problems contracted COVID and died.

Under 59 Increase 24 Deaths Sept 17 Report

Under 59 1,639 Two year total
Under 59 819.5 Yearly average
Under 19 2020 14 deaths/2021 1 death


+60 should consider a vaccine based on Canadian Statistics

The Media lied to you so you would vote Blue or RED.
These people on these lines were trying to save their Jobs.
LTC and Nurses were right in the picture.
The Press told you they were getting Harrassed.
But the Picture tells another story. They are literally in the Picture.
And you fell for it the Liberals got back in and Doug Ford Blue let the Nurses and Doctors go.
Talk about a winning team BLUE and RED working together.

London and Chatham has till about Oct 22 2021 to comply.
Many say they will not comply when at the rallies.
But how long can they hold out with no money.
Since it is a Layoff they should be able to get on IE?

Canadian Product a nasal spray that can kill COVID.
Again, we would want to get this product to LTC homes.
India wants it, why is your Canada MP dragging its heals?
Iseral wants to do the Phase III trials.
GLOBAL, CTV and CBC little to no coverage just like our elections
Yet the rest of the WORLD all reporting!

Channel 3, Bangkok August 2021 India and Iseral
Iseral and New Zealand
Youtube embed not working in your browser you will have to cut and paste the link
It's Phase II trial was so good ZERO people had a Reaction and Zero people ended up in the ICU.
Like the Vaccines it could be approved for Emergency Use.

Here is a better supporting article then a youtube video.

But your Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to have an election instead.
The product could have been approved for Emergency Use since Approx March 2021.

I am AGAINST MANDATORY VACCINES because the Canadian Government waived your liability rights.
If you get injured you get ZERO compensation for your injuries
I am against mandatory Vaccines at this time because they have not completed their Phase 3 clinical trials.
Estimated Study Completion Date is May 2, 2023
Estimated Study Completion Date is October 27, 2022

I also would like to get vaccines pulled from the market that are harming people.
As of Sept 10, 2021, ther have been 4,172 serious reactions to vaccines.
205 Increase to Serious injury to vaccines in a week
As of Sept 03, 2021, there have been 3,967 serious reactions to vaccines.
199 Increase to Serious injury to vaccines in a week
As of August 27, 2021, there have been 3,768 serious reactions to vaccines.
246 Increase to Serious injury to vaccines in a week
As of August 20, 2021, there have been 3,522 serious reactions to vaccines.
212 Increase to Serious injury to vaccines in a week
As of August 13, 2021, there have been 3,310 serious reactions to vaccines.
247 Increase to Serious injury to vaccines in a week
As of August 06, 2021, there have been 3,063 serious reactions to vaccines.

+60 has been dying and I would like to concentrate on saving more of them. 25,051 on a two-year running total as of Aug 13 2021.
A Canadian company in London Ontario developed a product that can Detect COVID in the air. I would like to get these units into all Long Term Care Homes. Treat LTC with BIOHAZARD security. Everyone entering the building would have to sit in this room before entering the building with these machines. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/canadian-technology-to-detect-covid-19-in-the-air-839824095.html?fbclid=IwAR2ndoV5IJBHF6x7TDC3LSO3lT5UfTtNivwNA_Eed9kzdWn9Okr6KS8lZgo
If a worker had COVID then we can send them home with pay from the EI system Or We Could let them use the nasal spray and continue working. Another product that could help the +60 people would be another Canadian Product a nasal spray that can kill COVID. Again, we would want to get this product to LTC homes. India wants it why is your Canada MP dragging its heals? Iseral wants to do the Phase III trials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN2CaKzYeQk
If and when a better Vaccine comes out where it is not harming people or the company is liable for their effects is when I would recommend making them manditory.

2. Breastfeeding
COVID-19 vaccines can also be safely given to breastfeeding individuals and recent
data shows that mRNA from vaccines do not transfer into breast milk. Anti-COVID-19
antibodies produced by the breastfeeding person have been shown to transfer
through the milk and provide protection to the infant. The vaccines are safe for the
breastfeeding person, and should be offered to those eligible for vaccination.

The reason this election is happening.
A party needs majority control to get this put in the way they want it.