Stephen Robert Campbell 2022

Stephen R Campbell
London Fanshawe Election Debate 2022
London Ontario Canada
May 19 2022

I will be running in London Fanshawe in 2022 for a MPP.
I will be a Candidate for the None of the Above Direct Democracy(NOTA)!
NOTA is a group of Independants that formed a Party.
The Party system is rigged against Independants so we formed a Party so we are on an Equal playing field!
However, we are still not on an Equal Playing Field.
The Canadian Media illegally under our Election laws does not allow us into our local Debates.
If you want to learn about this you can check out (
Currently their info is at THE 22 MOVEMENT
Their Server is NOW LIVE at as of OCT 18 2021.

The only Media source that does a good job in Canada is Rogers TV. IF you do not have Rogers Cable.
They also post all debates on youtube at this time.
Stay tuned I will provide the link when the Debate is filmed so you can check out all the Candidates and choose the best one from this debate.

If you would like to donate to my Campaign to beat the BORG!
Type in Stephen R Campbell on the form if you want the money directed towards me.
If you want to help our Party in general to take on the BORG!

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