Stephen Robert Campbell 2022

Greg Vezina

Mississauga—Streetsville MP Candidate & Party Leader
Greg has been fighting for small Parties to even get into local debates and Leaders Debates.
He has won many law suits after each election in order to gain your freedom and rights.
There will be another article just for this topic.
But today we feature clean Energy. Clean Energy that has been supressed since 1984 in Canada.
Today we will show you three videos on this techonology.
And beyond this technology the world is changing over to this technology yet here in Canada it is still being suppressed.

Clean Energy since 1984 Back to the Future
2010 Truck and Prototype 3 Ammonia Fuel
Best video explaining Hydrofuel

But the true Green Energy Market is on Buses and Transport Trucks!


Since 2019 Toronto, Ontario-based TFX International SPECIALIZED VEHICLE TRANSPORT will provide two diesel fuelled generators and transport trucks to be converted to use Hydrofuel ammonia fuel over three years …
Fuel and electricity savings from the $2 million project are expected to cover most of the engine conversion, operating, and ammonia fuelling and infrastructure costs, at a small fraction of the cost of using hydrogen fuel.
Here are a couple articles on this Project.

SRC on the homeless in 2019

My Views have changed since making this video.
London Sold off and Demolished many Buildings.
So I am thinking tiny Homes like Kitchener would be a cheap quick short term soloution.
River Road Golf Course would make a great location for Tiny Homes.
Extend the Bus Routes and we could bring all the services we need to them.
Also, You could reopen the Golf Course and Pay the homeless to maintain a 9 hole Course and make money for the homeless.
Then they could get back into regular housing!

SRC on the Electric buses vs Ammonia

London–Fanshawe 2018 OLD DEBATE with SRC

NOTA Canada NOTA Canada